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  1. How is the game? I been Debating about downloading it.
  2. All K.K. Slider Songs Agent K.K. Aloha K.K. Animal City Bubblegum K.K. Café K.K. Comrade K.K. DJ K.K. Drivin' Farewell Forest Life Go K.K. Rider Hypno K.K. I Love You Imperial K.K. K.K. Adventure K.K. Aria K.K. Ballad K.K. Bazaar K.K. Birthday* K.K. Blues K.K. Bossa K.K. Calypso K.K. Casbah K.K. Chorale K.K. Condor K.K. Country K.K. Cruisin' K.K. D&B K.K. Dirge K.K. Disco K.K. Dixie K.K. Étude K.K. Faire K.K. Flamenco K.K. Folk K.K. Fusion K.K. Groove K.K. Gumbo K.K. House K.K. Island K.K. Jazz K.K. Jongara K.K. Lament K.K. Love Song K.K. Lullaby K.K. Mambo K.K. Marathon K.K. March K.K. Mariachi K.K. Metal K.K. Milonga K.K. Moody K.K. Oasis K.K. Parade K.K. Ragtime K.K. Rally K.K. Reggae K.K. Rock K.K. Rockabilly K.K. Safari K.K. Salsa K.K. Samba K.K. Ska K.K. Sonata K.K. Song K.K. Soul K.K. Steppe K.K. Stroll K.K. Swing K.K. Synth K.K. Tango K.K. Technopop K.K. Waltz K.K. Western King K.K. Lucky K.K. Marine Song 2001 Mountain Song Mr. K.K. My Place Neapolitan Only Me Pondering Rockin' K.K. Soulful K.K. Space K.K. Spring Blossoms Stale Cupcakes Steep Hill Surfin' K.K. The K. Funk To the Edge Two Days Ago Wandering Welcome Horizons** *Given to players on their birthday **Given to all players the first time KK performs on their island
  3. The Mandalorian is bringing a familiar helmet back to the Star Wars galaxy. Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett in 2002's Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, will appear in season two of the Disney+ Star Wars series. Sources say Morrison will play Boba Fett, the famed bounty hunter who first appeared on the big screen 1980's Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and who seemingly died in 1983's Return of the Jedi as he fell into a sarlacc pit. Actor Jeremy Bulloch portrayed the character in the original trilogy. Boba Fett is expected to play just a small role in season two of the series, after the character was teased in the season one episode "The Gunslinger," when a mysterious figure sporting the bounty hunter's trademark spurs approached the apparently lifeless body of Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen). In Attack of the Clones, one of the storylines revolved around the discovery of a secret army of clones being amassed. The clones were built off of Jango. And it was further revealed that fan favorite Boba Fett was actually a clone Jango, being raised as his own son. Daniel Logan played a young version of Boba Fett in that film. While sources say Morrison is playing Boba Fett, it's always possible that something sneaky involving cloning is going on. The Mandalorian season two is slated to bow in October on Disney+, and will also include series newcomer Michael Biehn and features directors such as Alita: Battle Angel's Robert Rodriguez and Ant-Man's Peyton Reed.
  4. ☰ A National Treasure Disney Plus series is in development There’s a third theatrical film in the works, too A National Treasure TV series for Disney Plus is now in development, producer Jerry Bruckheimer told Collider in an interview today. Bruckheimer also reiterated that a new National Treasure film was in the works, though that was first reported in January. Bruckheimer was light on details for the Disney Plus show, but he did say that “it’s the same concept but a young cast.” It’s unclear if Nicolas Cage will be reprising his role as Benjamin Franklin Gates in the Disney Plus series in some capacity. The new theatrical movie would have the same cast as the first two movies, Bruckheimer said. BOTH THE SERIES IN THE FILM SEEM ARE EARLY IN DEVELOPMENT Both the National Treasure Disney Plus show and the third film also seem to be in early stages of development, based on Bruckheimer’s comments. “The film version is being written right now, and the television version is in process,” he said. “We have a pilot script done and we have an outline of the future episodes.”
  5. If you're looking for a futuristic shooter to tide you over until Titanfall 3, Disintegration could be just the ticket. It has some notable talent on board, including the co-creator of Halo, and it has some interesting gameplay going on. Playing as an android named Romer Shoal, you must lead your group of outlaws with a mix of giving commands and charging into battle with your trusty gravcycle. In this new trailer, you'll get a taste of the story and characters. It seems like a pretty typical tale -- there's a big bad guy hell bent on the destruction of humanity, and your band of misfits turns up to save the day -- but we're sure it'll be entertaining enough. At the very least, it seems to offer up some cheesy dialogue. Most importantly, we now know the release date for Disintegration, and it's not that far off. The game releases on 16th June, in just over a month's time.
  6. ☰ Destiny 2 is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Destiny 2 will be coming to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, developer Bungie announced on Thursday. Exactly when those next-gen versions will be released, or if they will have any changes from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, is unclear at this time. In theory, you would have been able to play Destiny 2 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X anyway, thanks to backwards compatibility. Sony says the PS5 will support an “overwhelming majority” of the more than 4,000 PS4 games and Xbox Series X will play existing Xbox One games. That means the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Destiny 2 will probably work on the next-gen consoles. But it’s nice to see that Bungie has committed to releasing versions of Destiny 2 optimized for the improved hardware on the upcoming machines. But there are quite a few questions about how this is all going to work. Destiny 2 made the shift to a free-to-play model last fall and introduced a Fortnite-style seasonal battle pass earlier this year, changes introduced after parting ways with previous publishing partner Activision in January 2019. Bungie also introduced cross-save last August, letting you move accounts between PS4, Xbox, and PC, and it seems likely you’ll be able to move your account to the next-generation versions of Destiny 2 as well. However, it’s not clear if players on next-gen consoles will be able to play with or against players on the current generation, as that could be a concern if the new consoles add features like field-of-view sliders or drastic bumps in frame rate that could give you a competitive advantage. It’s also not clear if Bungie will let you transfer purchases. Currently, despite cross-save allowing you to move your account across platforms, you still must buy individual licenses for in-game content if you want to access that content on another platform. That means you can play certain free-to-play elements of Destiny 2 on, say, PS4 while having only purchased the latest expansions on PC. But the expansion remains locked to where you buy it, requiring you buy it twice to access it elsewhere. download (3).svg
  7. Star Wars: Fallen Order, will be getting a Sequel, This is just the start, Fallen Order will also be a start of many games in the Fallen order series. It will become a Franchise. This will be awesome.
  8. Kicking off today, PlayStation Store’s Hidden Gems Sale might just introduce you to your new favorite game – all for up to 75% off. The shining lineup includes the unsettling yet brilliant puzzle platformer Little Nightmares: Complete Edition, underwater survival adventure Subnautica and an action-heavy descent into the Japanese underworld with Yakuza 5 Remastered. Multiplayer fans are catered to as well with the likes of Payday 2: The Crimewave Collection. Check out the full roster of deals below, then head over to PlayStation Store before our Hidden Gems Sale ends, May 20 8 AM Pacific. PS4 Games $Price $Original 101 WAYS TO DIE $4.99 $9.99 7TH SECTOR COLLECTOR’S EDITION $17.49 $24.99 8-BIT ARMIES $5.99 $29.99 8-BIT HORDES $5.09 $29.99 8-BIT INVADERS! $3.59 $29.99 911 OPERATOR + SPECIAL RESOURCES $10.79 $17.99 A KNIGHT’S QUEST $12.49 $24.99 ABSOLVER $7.49 $29.99 ABZÛ $9.99 $19.99 ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN – DANGEROUS DRIVING CRASH MODE BUNDLE $18.99 $37.99 ADR1FT $4.99 $19.99 ADVENTURE TIME PIRATES OF THE ENCHIRIDION $7.99 $19.99 AEREA $0.59 $19.99 AGE OF WONDERS: PLANETFALL $24.99 $49.99 AGE OF WONDERS: PLANETFALL DELUXE EDITION $29.99 $59.99 AGE OF WONDERS: PLANETFALL PREMIUM EDITION $44.99 $89.99 ALCATRAZ $1.04 $2.99 AMERICAN FUGITIVE $7.99 $19.99 ARISE: A SIMPLE STORY $13.99 $19.99 ARIZONA SUNSHINE $11.99 $39.99 ARIZONA SUNSHINE – DEAD MAN DLC $1.24 $2.49 ARIZONA SUNSHINE – THE DAMNED DLC $2.49 $4.99 ARMIKROG $2.99 $9.99 ASSETTO CORSA $8.99 $29.99 ASSETTO CORSA SEASON PASS $5.99 $19.99 ASSETTO CORSA ULTIMATE EDITION $11.99 $39.99 AT SUNDOWN: SHOTS IN THE DARK $7.99 $19.99 BAD NORTH $8.99 $14.99 BANNER SAGA 1 $4.99 $24.99 BANNER SAGA 2 $4.99 $24.99 BANNER SAGA 3 $12.49 $24.99 BANNER SAGA TRILOGY $19.99 $49.99 BEDLAM: THE GAME BY CHRISTOPHER BROOKMYRE $4.99 $9.99 BEE SIMULATOR $23.99 $39.99 BEHOLDER 2 $8.99 $14.99 BEHOLDER CIVIC DUTY BUNDLE $11.99 $19.99 BEHOLDER COMPLETE EDITION $4.49 $14.99 BLACKSAD : UNDER THE SKIN $24.99 $49.99 BLACKWOOD CROSSING $7.99 $15.99 BLOOD BOWL 2 $4.99 $19.99 BLOOD BOWL 2: LEGENDARY EDITION $7.49 $29.99 BLOODROOTS $13.99 $19.99 BLOODSTAINED: RITUAL OF THE NIGHT $19.99 $39.99 BLOODY ZOMBIES $6.00 $14.99 BOMBER CREW $4.49 $14.99 BOMBER CREW DELUXE EDITION $7.49 $24.99 BOMBER CREW: AMERICAN EDITION $5.99 $19.99 BOUND BY FLAME $3.99 $19.99 BROFORCE $3.74 $14.99 BUCKET KNIGHT $3.24 $4.99 CANDLE: THE POWER OF THE FLAME $3.99 $19.99 CAR MECHANIC SIMULATOR $17.99 $29.99 CAR MECHANIC SIMULATOR – DLC MEGA PACK $23.09 $38.49 CARDPOCALYPSE $17.49 $24.99 CARDPOCALYPSE MEGA MUTANT EDITION $20.99 $29.99 CHILD OF LIGHT $4.49 $14.99 CHILDREN OF MORTA $14.73 $21.99 CITADEL: FORGED WITH FIRE $23.99 $39.99 CONTROL $29.99 $59.99 CROSSING SOULS $3.74 $14.99 DANDARA: TRIALS OF FEAR EDITION $5.99 $14.99 DANGER ZONE $4.49 $14.99 DANGER ZONE 2 $4.99 $19.99 DANGER ZONE BUNDLE – DANGER ZONE AND DANGER ZONE 2 $16.24 $32.49 DANGEROUS DRIVING $11.99 $29.99 DANGEROUS GOLF $5.99 $19.99 DARKWOOD $7.49 $14.99 DARKWOOD – SPECIAL EDITION $8.99 $17.99 DEAD CELLS: THE BAD SEED BUNDLE $21.59 $26.99 DEAR ESTHER: LANDMARK EDITION $3.49 $9.99 DEFUNCT $0.74 $14.99 DEGREES OF SEPARATION $3.99 $19.99 DESTINY 2: FORSAKEN* $14.99 $24.99 DESTINY 2: SHADOWKEEP* $20.99 $34.99 DESTINY 2: UPGRADE EDITION* $33.49 $49.99 DISNEY CLASSIC GAMES: ALADDIN AND THE LION KING $17.99 $29.99 DOCTOR WHO: THE EDGE OF TIME $14.99 $24.99 DOLLHOUSE $8.99 $29.99 DON’T STARVE MEGA PACK $10.79 $26.99 DON’T STARVE TOGETHER: CONSOLE EDITION $7.49 $14.99 DON’T STARVE: CONSOLE EDITION $3.74 $14.99 DON’T STARVE: CONSOLE EDITION + REIGN OF GIANTS EXPANSION $4.74 $18.99 DREAMWORKS DRAGONS DAWN OF NEW RIDERS $13.99 $39.99 DUCT TAPES ARE FOREVER $1.57 $4.49 ENTER THE GUNGEON $7.49 $14.99 ESCAPE TEAM $1.57 $4.49 ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE $17.99 $29.99 EXTINCTION $7.49 $29.99 EXTINCTION: DELUXE EDITION $9.99 $39.99 FARMING SIMULATOR 17 $7.99 $19.99 FARMING SIMULATOR 17 – PLATINUM EDITION $10.19 $29.99 FARMING SIMULATOR 17 – PREMIUM EDITION $14.99 $49.99 FLASHBACK $7.49 $24.99 FOR THE KING $9.99 $24.99 FROSTPUNK: CONSOLE EDITION $20.09 $29.99 GET EVEN $7.49 $29.99 GHOSTBUSTERS: THE VIDEO GAME REMASTERED $11.99 $29.99 GONNER $2.99 $9.99 GRIS $8.49 $16.99 GROUNDHOG DAY: LIKE FATHER LIKE SON $9.74 $14.99 GUACAMELEE! 2 $4.99 $19.99 GUACAMELEE! 2 COMPLETE $5.74 $22.99 GUACAMELEE! SUPER TURBO CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION $3.74 $14.99 GUN CLUB VR $12.49 $24.99 GUNS, GORE AND CANNOLI 2 $6.49 $12.99 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 MONSTERS OVERBOARD $6.99 $19.99 HOTLINE MIAMI $2.49 $9.99 HOTLINE MIAMI 2: WRONG NUMBER $3.74 $14.99 HUNTING SIMULATOR $9.99 $39.99 ICE AGE SCRAT’S NUTTY ADVENTURE! $26.79 $39.99 IMPACT WINTER $4.99 $19.99 INDIVISIBLE $23.99 $39.99 INSTANT INDIE COLLECTION: VOL. 1 $3.44 $22.99 INSTANT INDIE COLLECTION: VOL. 2 $3.74 $24.99 INSTANT INDIE COLLECTION: VOL. 3 $3.74 $24.99 INSTANT INDIE COLLECTION: VOL. 4 $4.49 $29.99 INSTANT INDIE COLLECTION: VOL. 5 $4.34 $28.99 IT’S QUIZ TIME $11.99 $19.99 JOURNEY TO THE SAVAGE PLANET $17.99 $29.99 JUMANJI: THE VIDEO GAME $26.79 $39.99 KINGDOM TWO CROWNS $14.99 $19.99 KINGDOM: NEW LANDS $3.74 $14.99 KNIGHTS AND BIKES $14.99 $19.99 LARA CROFT AND THE TEMPLE OF OSIRIS $3.99 $19.99 LARA CROFT AND THE TEMPLE OF OSIRIS SEASON PASS $1.49 $9.99 LARA CROFT GO $1.99 $9.99 LAST DAY OF JUNE $5.99 $19.99 LAYERS OF FEAR $5.99 $19.99 LAYERS OF FEAR + OBSERVER_ BUNDLE $11.99 $39.99 LAYERS OF FEAR: MASTERPIECE EDITION $8.04 $22.99 LET THEM COME $3.99 $7.99 LIFE IS STRANGE COMPLETE SEASON $3.99 $19.99 LIFE IS STRANGE: BEFORE THE STORM COMPLETE SEASON $3.39 $16.99 LIFE IS STRANGE: BEFORE THE STORM DELUXE EDITION $4.99 $24.99 LITTLE NIGHTMARES $4.99 $19.99 LITTLE NIGHTMARES COMPLETE EDITION $7.49 $29.99 LITTLE NIGHTMARES SECRETS OF THE MAW EXPANSION PASS $4.99 $9.99 LOVERS IN A DANGEROUS SPACETIME $5.99 $14.99 MAGICKA 2 $3.74 $14.99 MAGICKA 2: SPECIAL EDITION $4.99 $19.99 MANUAL SAMUEL $3.99 $9.99 MARK OF THE NINJA: REMASTERED $9.99 $19.99 MELBITS WORLD $8.99 $14.99 MINIT $4.99 $9.99 MONSTER BOY AND THE CURSED KINGDOM $17.99 $39.99 MORDHEIM: CITY OF THE DAMNED $8.99 $29.99 MORDHEIM: CITY OF THE DAMNED – COMPLETE EDITION $11.99 $39.99 MOSAIC $13.99 $19.99 MOSAIC 1% EDITION $17.49 $24.99 MOTHER RUSSIA BLEEDS $3.74 $14.99 MUTANT YEAR ZERO: ROAD TO EDEN $17.49 $34.99 MY TIME AT PORTIA – HOUSEWARMING GIFT SET $1.19 $2.99 NARCOS: RISE OF THE CARTELS $17.99 $29.99 NEVEROUT $2.39 $7.99 NIDHOGG $3.74 $14.99 NIDHOGG 2 $3.74 $14.99 NINJIN: CLASH OF CARROTS $2.49 $9.99 OBSERVATION $12.49 $24.99 OBSERVER $8.99 $29.99 OCTODAD: DADLIEST CATCH $3.74 $14.99 OUTCAST – SECOND CONTACT $5.99 $39.99 OUTWARD $17.99 $39.99 OVERCOOKED! + OVERCOOKED! 2 $17.49 $34.99 OVERCOOKED! 2 – CAMPFIRE COOK OFF $4.01 $5.99 OVERCOOKED! 2 – CARNIVAL OF CHAOS $4.01 $5.99 OVERCOOKED! 2 – NIGHT OF THE HANGRY HORDE $6.69 $9.99 OVERCOOKED! 2 – SEASON PASS $12.99 $19.99 OVERCOOKED! 2 – SURF ‘N’ TURF $4.01 $5.99 OVERCOOKED! 2 – TOO MANY COOKS PACK $2.00 $2.99 OVERPASS DELUXE EDITION $10.49 $69.99 OVERRIDE: MECH CITY BRAWL – SUPER CHARGED MEGA EDITION $9.99 $39.99 PATHOLOGIC 2 $24.49 $34.99 PAW PATROL IS ON A ROLL! $19.99 $39.99 PAYDAY 2: CRIMEWAVE EDITION $4.99 $19.99 PAYDAY 2: THE CRIMEWAVE COLLECTION $7.49 $29.99 PERFECT $5.00 $9.99 PILLARS OF ETERNITY II: DEADFIRE – ULTIMATE EDITION $38.99 $59.99 PORTAL KNIGHTS $7.99 $19.99 POWER RANGERS: BATTLE FOR THE GRID $9.99 $19.99 POWER RANGERS: BATTLE FOR THE GRID – COLLECTOR’S EDITION $19.99 $39.99 PRO FISHING SIMULATOR $19.99 $39.99 PUMPED BMX + $3.49 $9.99 RACE WITH RYAN $26.79 $39.99 RAD $9.99 $19.99 REAL FARM $0.79 $39.99 REGALIA: OF MEN AND MONARCHS – ROYAL EDITION $3.74 $24.99 REGALIA: OF MEN AND MONARCHS – ROYAL EDITION OST COMBO $4.27 $28.49 REUS $0.44 $14.99 RIFTSTAR RAIDERS $4.99 $19.99 RIOT – CIVIL UNREST $3.99 $19.99 RISK OF RAIN 2 $14.99 $29.99 ROAD REDEMPTION $9.99 $19.99 ROMAN RUMBLE IN LAS VEGUM – ASTERIX & OBELIX XXL 2 $24.99 $49.99 RONIN $1.99 $9.99 RUINER $4.99 $19.99 RUSH VR $11.24 $24.99 SEA OF SOLITUDE $9.99 $19.99 SEASONS AFTER FALL $2.49 $9.99 SERIAL CLEANER $5.24 $14.99 SHADOW WARRIOR $7.49 $29.99 SHADOW WARRIOR 2 $9.99 $39.99 SHINESS: THE LIGHTNING KINGDOM $2.49 $9.99 SHINY – A ROBOTIC ADVENTURE $0.29 $14.99 SHOOTY FRUITY $11.00 $19.99 SNIPER ELITE 3 $7.49 $29.99 SOLO: ISLANDS OF THE HEART $4.99 $19.99 SPACE HULK BUNDLE $14.99 $49.99 SPACE HULK: DEATHWING – ENHANCED EDITION $9.99 $39.99 SPACE HULK: TACTICS $7.49 $29.99 SPARKLITE $14.99 $24.99 SPIKE VOLLEYBALL $17.99 $39.99 SPIRIT OF THE NORTH $14.99 $24.99 STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT II – JEDI OUTCAST $7.49 $9.99 STELLARIS: CONSOLE EDITION $15.99 $39.99 STELLARIS: CONSOLE EDITION – DELUXE EDITION $23.99 $59.99 STIKBOLD! A DODGEBALL ADVENTURE $4.49 $9.99 STRANDED SAILS – EXPLORERS OF THE CURSED ISLANDS $14.99 $24.99 STRANGER THINGS 3: THE GAME $4.99 $19.99 STYX: SHARDS OF DARKNESS $5.99 $19.99 SUBNAUTICA $17.99 $29.99 SUPER STREET: THE GAME $12.49 $24.99 SURF WORLD SERIES $8.99 $14.99 SURVIVING MARS $11.99 $29.99 SURVIVING MARS – DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION $15.99 $39.99 SURVIVING MARS – FIRST COLONY EDITION $25.99 $64.99 TERRARIA: PS4 EDITION $5.99 $19.99 THE ASSEMBLY $11.99 $29.99 THE BARD’S TALE IV: DIRECTOR’S CUT $13.99 $39.99 THE COUNT LUCANOR $1.79 $14.99 THE ESCAPISTS 2 – BIG TOP BREAKOUT $1.99 $3.99 THE ESCAPISTS 2 – DUNGEONS AND DUCT TAPE $1.99 $3.99 THE ESCAPISTS 2 – THE GLORIOUS REGIME $1.99 $3.99 THE ESCAPISTS 2 – WICKED WARD $1.99 $3.99 THE ESCAPISTS DLC BUNDLE $3.99 $9.99 THE FISHERMAN – FISHING PLANET $23.99 $39.99 THE FLAME IN THE FLOOD: COMPLETE EDITION $4.49 $14.99 THE HONG KONG MASSACRE $8.99 $19.99 THE JACKBOX PARTY PACK $12.49 $24.99 THE JACKBOX PARTY PACK 2 $12.49 $24.99 THE JACKBOX PARTY PACK 3 $14.99 $24.99 THE JACKBOX PARTY PACK 4 $14.99 $24.99 THE JACKBOX PARTY PACK 5 $17.99 $29.99 THE JACKBOX PARTY PACK 6 $19.49 $29.99 THE LITTLE ACRE $3.89 $12.99 THE LONG REACH $1.79 $14.99 THE LOST MORSEL $2.99 $4.99 THE MESSENGER $9.99 $19.99 THE SHADOW WARRIOR COLLECTION $14.99 $59.99 THE SURGE $5.99 $19.99 THE SURGE – AUGMENTED EDITION $8.99 $29.99 THE SWORDS OF DITTO: MORMO’S CURSE $7.49 $14.99 THE TALOS PRINCIPLE: DELUXE EDITION $4.99 $49.99 THE TECHNOMANCER $3.99 $19.99 THRONEBREAKER: THE WITCHER TALES $9.99 $19.99 TITAN SOULS $3.74 $14.99 TOREN $2.49 $9.99 TRINE: ULTIMATE COLLECTION $19.99 $49.99 TRUCK DRIVER $26.79 $39.99 TT ISLE OF MAN – RIDE ON THE EDGE $29.99 $59.99 TWO POINT HOSPITAL $29.99 $39.99 UNBOX: NEWBIE’S ADVENTURE $4.49 $29.99 UNO FLIP! $1.64 $4.99 UNO RAYMAN THEME DLC $0.98 $2.99 UNO JUST DANCE THEME DLC $0.98 $2.99 UNO ULTIMATE EDITION $8.99 $14.99 UNRAVEL YARNY BUNDLE $8.99 $29.99 VAPORUM $9.99 $24.99 WORMS BATTLEGROUNDS ALIEN INVASION $1.49 $4.99 WUPPO $0.99 $19.99 XENON RACER $7.99 $39.99 YAGA $17.49 $24.99 YAGA BAD LUCK BUNDLE $20.99 $29.99 YAKUZA 3 REMASTERED $19.99 $24.99 YAKUZA 4 REMASTERED $19.99 $24.99 YAKUZA 5 REMASTERED $19.99 $24.99 YESTERDAY ORIGINS $7.49 $24.99 *Offer Ends May 13 Hidden-Gems-FI.webp
  9. The fan-made port, which was first shared on social media sites this weekend, was made possible by a 2019 recompilation project which saw fans reverse engineer the game’s source code. Unlike PC emulators which imitate the conditions of the original N64 hardware, the DirectX 12-powered port allows players to run Mario 64 at far higher resolutions without compromise, such as native 4K or in ultra-widescreen mode. Players can also use modern peripherals to play the game such as Microsoft’s Xbox One controller. Mario 64 has been ported to PC by fans. It’s even possible to add modern visual effects to Super Mario 64 via third-party app Reshade, including primitive ray tracing. The native PC port should also have significant implications for Mario 64’s active mod community, which had previously required an emulator for its projects. It’s not yet clear if the Mario 64 release has any relation to a recent significant leak of legacy Nintendo console data, or if the timing is coincidental. According to various sources, over two terabytes of data was allegedly leaked onto the anonymous forum 4chan over the weekend, including the original source code for Nintendo 64, GameCube and Wii. The data could, in theory, be used to create illegal clone hardware able to run software and operate exactly like the original systems.
  10. The screenshots, which were released as part of a Gamestar preview, show some of the game's environments along with player-character Gollum. Although the game is based on the Tolkien books rather than the films, Gollum does somewhat resemble the design seen in the Peter Jackson trilogy - albeit with longer hair and shinier skin. Good to know he's using skin lotion lmao...
  11. Its starting to roll out people, . The whole industry appears to be waking up from its coronavirus-induced coma, and Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red is apparently no different. The game's official Twitter account is teasing something called 'Night City Wire', which will take place on the 11th June. It's reasonably safe to assume that this'll be some kind of development update, or perhaps we'll be getting a look at some fresh gameplay. In any case, consider us excited. We'll be on top of this and be sure to give you the latest updates as quick as possible, Tune and and follow topic to get the latest quicker.
  12. The new Mortal Kombat 11 teaser trailer picks up exactly where the MK11 story mode ends, with Liu Kang and Raiden working together to create a new timeline. The two get to work on their ambitious project, only to be interrupted by none other than Shang Tsung, the primary antagonist of the original Mortal Kombat video game and the first DLC character that was ever revealed for Mortal Kombat 11. Shang Tsung tells Liu Kang and Raiden to stop what they're doing or else they will "doom us all," perhaps hinting at a more heroic turn for the character in the new DLC. Source-Game Rant
  13. "Today, I'm excited to let you know that Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series is coming to PlayStation VR later this summer, and the series will be available as a complete series: all three episodes and Lightsaber Dojos will be available for purchase together, for the first time," ILMxLAB Executive Creative Producer Mark Miller said.
  14. Indivisible--The First DLC Pack Releases Very Soon, Adding 40 New Challenges The first DLC for Indivisible lands on May 7, offering up new challenges for anyone who has reached a certain point in the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Indivisible is getting its first piece of DLC on May 7, in the form of the Razmi's Challenges pack. The expansion, which will cost $8, presents players with 40 new challenges that can be played through once players have reached Mt. Sumeru. Razmi will appear in Ajna's Inner Realm and offer up challenges that must be completed with a limited set of abilities. Razmi's Challenges, Indivisible's first official DLC, launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 7th! Take on 40 devious challenges, each designed to test your platforming and combat skills!
  15. When Anne Hathaway went to audition for Christopher Nolan's DC hit The Dark Night Rises, she wasn't actually told which character she would be testing for. So the the star decided to go dressed for a totally different role to the one in the movie. In an interview with BBC Radio 1, via IGN, Hathaway revealed that after The Dark Knight featured Joker so prominently, Hathaway assumed that the next film would mark his girlfriend Harley Quinn's first appearance on the big screen. "About an hour into the meeting he said 'Well, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but it’s Catwoman,'" she related. "And I was shifting into a different gear. 'Now ok, we’re slinky. We’re slinky. And I hate my shirt. I love my shirt, but I hate it right now. We’re slinky.'" We all know by now that she got the part of Catwoman, but the DC universe would surely be very different right now if it was Hathaway who pioneered a role now inextricably linked to Margot Robbie. Hathaway is now passing the Catwoman baton to Zoe Kravitz, who will appear as Selena Kyle's Catwoman in next year's The Batman. Source Game Spot
  16. Nicolas Cage is headed to television — as Joe Exotic, the subject of Netflix's breakout docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. Cage will play Joe in an eight-episode scripted series from CBS Television Studios and Imagine Television. It is based on a Texas Monthly story published in 2019. American Vandal showrunner Dan Lagana, who has an overall deal at CBS TV Studios, and Paul Young optioned the article in June 2019, well before Tiger King became a word-of-mouth phenomenon. Cage had been in talks to play the lead role since April. CBS TV Studios and Imagine are taking the show out to potential buyers soon. The Texas Monthly story by Leif Reigstad recounts how Joe Schreibvogel built his private zoo in Oklahoma and details his feuds with Jeff Lowe and Carole Baskin, both of whom are prominently featured in Tiger King. The scripted project, currently titled Joe Exotic, will center on Joe as he fights to keep his animal park even at the risk of losing his sanity. It will explore how Joe became Joe Exotic and how he lost himself to a character of his own creation. Lagana will serve as writer and showrunner and executive produce with Young of Make Good Content, Imagine's Brian Grazer and Samie Kim Falvey, Cage (via his Saturn Films), and Scott Brown and Megan Creydt of Texas Monthly. Imagine's James Seidman and Natalie Berkus are overseeing the project. The Cage-led series is the second scripted project based on Joe Exotic in the works. Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon is set to executive produce and play Baskin in a show from Universal Content Productions based on Wondery's Joe Exotic podcast. That project has been in the works since November. As for Cage, the series will mark a new career milestone — an entry into television. The actor's recent projects have largely included a string of crime thrillers and action features from international financiers, but he has continued to work in a variety of Hollywood projects, lending his voice to Oscar winner Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and starring in Lionsgate's meta action-comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, where he will be playing a fictionalized version of himself. Tiger King premiered in March on Netflix and has been a breakout hit for the streamer, as measured by Nielsen and Netflix's internal metrics. Viewers in the U.S. have spent several billion minutes watching the show, according to Nielsen.
  17. So whats is everyones opinion on the 2 biggest Next Gens? Is it the PS5 who is going to have more exclusives Is it the XBOX X whos going to a smaller bigger hardrivi and slightly faster CPU?
  18. Sony PlayStation 5 AMD is one of Sony's most integral partners, but advancements in cloud technology put the PS5 and other consoles at risk. | Image: charnsitr/shutterstock.com AMD recently struck a deal to boost its cloud gaming prospects. AMD is a key supplier for Sony’s PS5 console. The advantages and advancements in cloud gaming pose a threat to the PS5. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a key ally of Sony in the gaming console business. The chipmaker powers the PlayStation 4 with its semi-custom chip, and it is all set to repeat that feat in the PlayStation 5 (PS5) as well. But at the same time, AMD has been quietly making moves that could end up sabotaging the prospects of the PS5. AMD recently struck a deal with Oxide Games–a company that has been busy developing cloud-based gaming technologies for years now. Such a move might pose a significant threat to the PS5. Source: Twitter AMD Is Boosting Its Cloud Gaming Prospects While details about AMD’s deal with Oxide Games remain slim, the company made it clear in a press release that it will use the latter’s Nitrous Engine to develop, a robust set of tools and technologies for cloud rendering designed from the ground up to embrace the real-time demands of cloud-based . Oxide Games seems to have considerable experience in this arena as its proprietary gaming engine has been around since 2013. The company defines its Nitrous Engine as, a next-generation game engine designed to handle enormous amounts of visual and gameplay complexity, from 10,000+ simpler units to 1,000 highly complex units and environments The Nitrous Engine currently supports PS4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and PC platforms, though there are not many titles that run it. But AMD’s involvement could open up a broader market for Oxide while giving the chipmaker access to a platform that accelerates its cloud initiative. After all, AMD is already powering the cloud infrastructure of Google and Microsoft’s game streaming platforms–Stadia and Project xCloud, respectively. This isn’t good news for Sony and the upcoming PS5 as the advancements in cloud gaming that AMD is gunning for could make consoles obsolete. PS5 a Tough Battlefield The beginnings of the PlayStation 5 are already mired in uncertainty thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Supply chain disruptions are hurting console making and leading to a jump in hardware costs, which could force Sony to price the PS5 at a premium. Third-party numbers from Ace Research Institute estimate that 6 million units of the PS5 may be shipped by March next year once the console hits the market during the holidays. The PlayStation 4 had sold 7.5 million units over a similar time frame when it was launched. Another analyst believes that the higher pricing of the next-generation consoles will hinder their sales during the recession. Amid the uncertainty, cloud gaming could turn out to be a much better bet for gamers. The cost advantage of cloud gaming, the arrival of 5G networks, and advancements in cloud computing could eat into PS5’s market share. So, even though AMD is the one powering the next-generation Sony console, it also carries a hidden threat that could end up hurting the PlayStation 5
  19. Okay, so we got the Patch Notes for Nintendo Switch, "General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including a solution for the following: We have fixed an issue where a Nintendo Switch console with system menu version 10.0.0 or 10.0.1 does not set up a new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, sometimes causing incorrect joystick control." I dont know what you think but this is a lame Update, but....it is what it is.
  20. Here is everything to coming Friday, May 1 Awesome Animals (Season 1) Birth of Europe (Season 1) Bride of Boogedy Buried Secrets of the Bible with Albert Lin (Season 1) CAR SOS (Seasons 1-7) Disney Kirby Buckets (Seasons 1-3) George of the Jungle Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco How to Play Baseball In Beaver Valley Lost Treasures of Egypt (Season 1) Love & Vets (Season 1) Nature’s Half Acre Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Prairie Dog Manor (Season 1) Primal Survivor (Seasons 1-4) The Princess Bride Prowlers of the Everglades Secrets of the Zoo Secrets of the Zoe: Tampa Survive the Tribe (Season 1) United States of Animals (Season 1) Unlikely Animal Friends (Season 3) Water Birds Be Our Chef Episode 106 - "Slimy Yet Satisfying" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 711 - "Shattered" Disney Family Sundays Episode 126 - "Star Wars: Clock" One Day At Disney Episode 122 - "Robin Roberts: Good Morning America Co-Anchor" Prop Culture Series Premiere - All 8 Episodes Available Saturday, May 2 John Carter Monday, May 4 Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Series Premiere Episode 101 - "Directing" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series Finale Episode 712 - "Victory and Death" Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Friday, May 8 Be Our Chef Episode 107- "Anyone Can Cook" Disney Family Sundays Episode 127 - "Star Wars: Hanging Art" One Day At Disney Episode 123 - "Joe Hernandez: Attractions Host" Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Episode 102 - "Legacy" Disney Insider Episode 105 - "Running through Disney, Sorcerer's Arena, Opening the Archives" Friday, May 15 Fury Files Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Be Our Chef Episode 108 - "Worth Melting For" Disney Family Sundays Episode 128 "Beauty and the Beast: Stained Glass" One Day At Disney Episode 124 "Stephanie Carroll: Ranch Hand" Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Episode 103 - "Cast" It's A Dog's Life with Bill Farmer Series Premiere Episode 101 - "Whale Poop Dogs & Sheep Herding Dogs" Friday, May 22 The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story Disney Just Roll with It (Season 1) Disney Mech-X4 (Seasons 1-2) Disney Vampirina (Season 2) Disneyland Goes to the World's Fair Fantastic Mr. Fox Heartland Docs, DVM (Season 1) Hello, Dolly! Marvel's Future Adventures (Season 2) The Big Fib Series Premiere - All 15 Episodes Available Be Our Chef Episode 109 - "Tiana's Place" Disney Family Sundays Episode 129 - "Bambi: Lanterns" One Day At Disney Episode 125 "Ed Fritz: Imagineering Ride Engineer" Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Episode 104 - "Technology" It's A Dog's Life with Bill Farmer Episode 102 - "Dogs & Cheetahs & Companion Dogs" Friday, May 29 Disney Doc McStuffins (Season 5) Disney Gabby Duran & the Unsittables (Season 1) Disney The Evermoor Chronicles (Seasons 1-2) Mickey and the Seal The Moon-Spinners Violetta (Season 2) Be Our Chef Episode 110 - "Woody's Lunchbox" Disney Family Sundays Episode 130 - "Nightmare Before Christmas: Candy Bowl" One Day At Disney Episode 126 - "Jerome Ranft: Pixar Sculptor" Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Episode 105 - "Practical" It's a Dog's Life with Bill Farmer Episode 103 - "Macot Dogs & Guide Dogs for Runners"
  21. With Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch becoming more and more popular Especially during the "Quartine ; They have annouced events coming threw May and Further down the timeliness A list of events has been Provided for your reading 📚 pleasure 😀. Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nature Day, May Day, & More Explained Nature Day Dates: April 23 - May 4 The one event we already knew was coming, thanks to a Nintendo Direct mini broadcast, was a celebration of Earth Day, which takes place a day earlier on April 22. Specific details and dates hadn't been shared previously except that Leif would return in some capacity. Nature Day began today, April 23, and sees special Nook Miles+ objectives that involve planting trees, watering flowers, and taking advantage of a new feature--the ability to plant shrubs. May Day Tour Dates: May 1-7 During this week-long event, beginning May 1, you'll get a one-time ticket--the May Day Ticket--to head out on a May Day Tour from the airport. Nintendo says that the location you'll head to will be different from the usual mystery tour deserted islands, and based on the video, it appears you'll have to navigate a hedge maze. Nintendo also teases, "A special visitor who looks familiar might also be there..." Based on the video, that'll be Rover. International Museum Day Dates: May 18-31 The museum is set to receive an expansion for art as part of a New Horizons update that brings back returning character Redd. Starting on May 18, there will be a Stamp Rally event that equips you with a stamp card that you can fill out by browsing the fish, insects, and fossils you've collected. Collecting stamps will lead to an unspecified reward. Wedding Season Dates: June 1-30 During June, you can visit Harv's island to encounter Reese and Cyrus, a married couple and another returning set of characters from the series' past. Given the photography-themed nature of Harv's island, you'll be decorating a studio and taking anniversary photos. Rewards include "wedding-themed items." (This wouldn't be the first time the game helped facilitate a wedding of some sort.)
  22. Sony has confirmed that the company has identified those who leaked large parts of The Last of Us Part 2 online. The people who leaked the info are not affiliated with SCEA.
  23. just a few months after giving away Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection to PlayStation Plus subscribers, PlayStation is rounding out Drake's story by offering Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for free in April. Uncharted 4 is joined by Dirt Rally 2.0, an off-road racing game that released in 2019. Both games are now available to claim and keep as long as you maintain an active PS Plus subscription. Next week there going to bring out Mat 2020 PS Plus Games Journey Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
  24. Modern Warfare/Warzone April 30 Patch Notes Fix for Gunsmith Custom loadouts not appearing in matches Removing Most Wanted Contracts from Warzone and adding Bounty Contracts back Adjusting the timer from 10 to 15 seconds in 3v3 Cranked Gunfight Adjusting out of bounds timer in Infected Adjusting the match start timer in Infected so players can join before the Infected countdown ends. Fix for a bug where players could get stuck during the infil while loading into a BR match
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