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  1. The Star Wars name is coming up again in a seemingly exciting 5v5 game called Star Wars: Squadrons. From the cinematic trailer to the gameplay reveal, players can look forward to instant starfighter action on the Xbox one, Playstation 4 (PS4) and PC. You will also be able to play with your friends with cross-platform support across the PS4 and PC along with support for Virtual Reality (VR) for all your virtual satisfaction. But I implore you to use the Force and remain cautiously optimistic. Star Wars: Squadrons is bringing to the masses what many space gamers already know: VR, Ship Component Management, Power Management, Customization, Joystick Controls, (partial) Newtonian Space Physics and some more in games such as Star Citizen (developing), Elite dangerous, No Man's Sky and Ever Space just to name a few., but (compared to some) in a more basic sense. Similar to its FPS equivalents (such as Battlefront 2, Call of Duty, Battlefield), its game design is certainly...not something I think space game developers assumed can stand up as a standalone product, from what we've seen at least. Cockpit Ship Information in Star Wars: Squadrons Cockpit Ship Information in Star Citizen That being said, the success of these space games has not mainly been about the aforementioned, but about the vastness of space in their game designs and the discoveries that space game explorers have left Earth to un-Earth (see what I did there?). Star Wars: Squadrons brings to the space table a more instantaneous jump-in/jump-out combat narrative between their campaign mode and multipalyer experiences, which, some other space games will look at and see as a mere add-on to their overall product. But saying this, I have to admit, is reading the cover of the book without looking into the contents. And just how many pages Star Wars: Squadrons contain to make a final verdict will be something to look forward to when comparing it to its space-game counterparts. How replayable Star Wars: Squadrons will be, how many maps, ship upgrades, customisations and the like this upcoming addition will bring to the cosmo table is what I'm looking forward to see. And after the Star Wars name in the marketing and advertisements leading up to its release has been put to rest, the question on everyone's minds should be how much can it stand as a $40 product five months after its release and how much support will it receive following the gameplay moments many Star Wars and Space game fans generate. Despite EA's practices, one can say that a great job was done with supporting Battlefront 2 subsequent to its release along with Respawn Entertainment's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. But it's important to remember to manage the hype. If anything, I am glad that more love to the space-game community is continuing to be generated. Let's see how this product performs, but until then, fly safe pilots. And May the Cautious Hype Be With You
  2. Star Citizen, the PC game in development is Free to try out starting May 22 until June 1, 2020. But what is Star Citizen? These videos from the company, Cloud Imperium Games and from fans sum it up well. Players only need to create a free account via their website here. When this is done, you can download the launcher using the same website or via the direct link here to start downloading the game. Access to the game and the event begins 3:00 PM Pacific Time. Take a look at their Event Trailer. Much to the interest of PC gamers and the gaming community that have wondered when the next “World of Warcraft” "MMO" would come to desktop shelves is a game that has been in development called Star Citizen. This project aims to culminate many aspects of various gaming franchises into one package, such as FPS, RPG, Space Flight Exploration, Open World and more. Though you can play every aspect of what the game has to offer during this event, details of Fleet Week are available here with a detailed breakdown of where to find the event in the game via the associated image. An easy to follow tutorial is accessible here to begin your adventures within the game. Trust me, you may want to look at this before you start. A step by step approach to many aspects of the game is available in the video's description. To be able to run Star Citizen, the following system requirements are also advised: Storage: 60GB (SSD is STRONGLY recommended. It is one of the first PC games to require the streaming potential of the SSD as advertised by Sony and Microsoft for their upcoming consoles) CPU: Quad Core RAM: 16GB GPU: VRAM of 2GB (4GB strongly recommended) O.S. Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64-bit)
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