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  1. I can't be the only one still excited to see this game and more so when they went back to redevelop it to make it a proper Metroid game for players as well. Nintendo has been a lot of bad thing, greedy, consumer deaf, Fire Emblem horny BUT they know how to craft a good game. Not a proper game at times (looks at New Horizons) but good, functional, beautiful, and fun. What you guys thinking about Metroid Prime 4? What's your expectations besides an obvious crazy map design?
  2. I'm sure you have it was only sponsoring like 95% of youtube gaming channels for a good while including my shadow brethren AfroSenju. Bruh just couldn't say no to that sponsor money, and I do not blame him ITS BANK! I'm not sponsoring a dang thing... I mean.. unless. (holds out hand slowly) I'll say whatever you want about this game, I'll declare its the best thing since Fork Knife if I gotta. Let's make a deal RSL peoples! Game's free, its fun, millions play, PAY ME!
  3. You read that title right. The evil epic store that many PC gamers deem the bane of PC gaming got wind of GTAV being offered "FOR FREE" and man... did they changed their minds about that DRM. The site legit crashed because of an insane amount of trafficking and download request for the game. I'm about to sound super cynical, oh here it comes! I guess you'll accept any DRM as long as you're free loading huh? (insert savage gifs) Truth be told this has revealed that the arguments against the DRM of Epic Games store becomes null and void if you get free shit. I myself get free grabs from microsoft almost monthly and that's not including gold or gamepass as well but I'd still stick with PSN because it feels more natural. Its a strange gaming loyalty nothing to be proud or ashamed of but its there with me and it exist. Yet when we get a bunch of Steam Overlords claiming how beneath them it would be to sully their rigs with the likes of Epic, sure changed their damn minds when GTAV was up for grabs. Epic has revealed the obvious truth that many fail to realize but I've known for a while since my classic days playing Unreal Tournament on my old boss rig and that truth is whether you like it or not; a majority of gamers regardless of systems are pussies. That's not to say they're female organs or kitty cats I will gladly feed because they're adorable as feck. It means; they say one thing claim to have principle and its not about money statement then completely abandon that principle when they're given something. Idk, just feels f**ky to me. Now imagine if GoG offered Witcher 1 - 3 for free? Man that site would be bombarded! Anywhos hope yo enjoy a good read as I enjoy writing a good.... write? Keep posted as I keep you posted right here! OH ALSO credit to twitter user @Mikechieknows for the meme, God bless!
  4. Honestly brother this is going to be quite dead, quite quick especially with X Cloud lurking around the corner.
  5. I was hoping it wouldn't be me but I guess it has to be. If you're unaware of what I'm referring to its the odd Inside Xbox presentation that happened May 7th. With tweets from Microsoft big shots and Ubisoft game devs boasting about the reveal of next gen gameplay. Well that day came, it happened and we were all left with a big YIKES! Sadly enough on that very stream just before the riveting "gameplay" of AC Valhalla; Damon Baker the Head of Gaming Portfolio yes that's a job had the audacity to say and I quote "Gameplay debut of Assassins' Creed Valhalla for Xbox Series X". Now earlier I also said the developer(s) behind also stated there would be gameplay shown but all we got were in-game cinematics. It was pretty deceitful to say the lease. Now let's not get too huffed as members of Xbox came out and even ubisoft apologising for what I must find laughable "misleading with what was to be shown". I applaud that they own up to say sorry but at the same time: The f**k you mean mislead? That was an intentional lie to get millions invested into watching that presentation. At least own up to that guys. There were some interesting trailers of games shown, the one man designed Bright Memory Infinite which was the first game shown looked the most impressive in my honest opinion. Skorn or Scorn I apologise for not getting that spelled correctly was a grab for a lot of people funny enough when no one knows wtf it even is about. Scarlet Nexus which I'll be honest looks like a last gen game running on current gen trying to be next gen, sorry if that offends you guys it just don't look great... not bad but not a step up at all aside from graphics there's nothing really grand that stood out. Dirt 5 which came out of nowhere with a nice surprise and much more vibrant colors compared to its predecessors has definitely caught the eyes of hardcore driving sim fans. Silent Hill's successor aka "The Medium" had some smidgets of gameplay mixed in with their presentation which was just great, nothing amazing shown aside from well graphics and atmosphere of what this game is most likely going to be and that's psychological horror so if you're into that then you're in luck! There's also a Turok successor named "Second Extinction" which is basically Monster Hunter FPS and everyone loves that idea including me! There's also madden, and AC Valhalla, just a load of announcements and presentations but not much or pretty much NO gameplay shown altogether. We will be seeing some ACTUAL and hopefully promise delivered gameplay in June and July. Till then we'll keep you posted and here's a link for the inside xbox presentation if you're interested in these TRAILERS! Thanks for reading and keep on gaming!
  6. So we don't use this forum much but not to worry we're around. This pandemic and other rl issues get in the way but I want to assure everyone we're here to discuss and have fun. The major topic of course being Microsoft's X Cloud service. If you're unaware of this; its a streaming service that by beta alone has proven to be far superior to Google's Stadia service. Not only with a better supported netcode/servers for proper game streams but a hefty selection of games to choose from via microsoft partners and third party devs. The biggest draw of course is X Cloud's reach to not just PC and the Xbox One and next gen Xbox, but also to tablets, laptops, smart phones both android and iOS and lastly PS4 controllers. That last one is the shocker right? Keep in mind that only a handfull of android devices will work with this service but any iOS device (current and future that is) is fully supported. X Cloud's full launch date is set sometime this year, sorry in advance that we can't dig up exactly when that will be. Isn't that nice though? To be able to play beautiful games like Ori on the go just for a small price? This is clearly microsoft's baby and they're handling it with the utmost care.
  7. Just learned today from gamingbolt, gameranx and others who can confirm that there is a Mafia Trilogy release planned by 2K! Mafia 3 is still somewhat fresh and Mafia 2 will have some upscaling as well with a fresh coat of frames to make it stand apart from its initial last gen look. The biggest hurumph is Mafia 1 looking just beautiful as you can see from screenshots below. Announcement of said Trilogy will most likely happen May 19th at 9amPT/12pm Eastern. Are you guys excited for this as I am? Can't wait to get back to the "ole days" in new ways. Yes, yes I said that. Stop laughing.
  8. Yesterday well mainly last night browsing through the PSN store I came across the return of preorders for TLOU2. More than so noticed that it has a stellar 700+ 5-star user ratings and the deluxe edition has an even more stellar 800+ 5-star user ratings weeks before the game is even released. Now its not new that certain games get rated before release but really now? Usually user reviews from early accessed players by the dozen or two but we're talking hundreds here. This is well, absurd. Sony really wants this game to do well to the point of going this not so clever route of making fake ratings on their own store. Of course they will never own up to it as well. Does this not so bold strategy work in their favor until the game's release? Who knows, maybe it'll all be worth discrediting their rating system.
  9. OH HERE COMES THAT HEAT! This is in my opinion the BEST anime video game of all time and I don't blame you if you disagree but here we go! 1. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 This game's perfect! PERFECT! Amazing story mode, amazing music, simple but satisfying battles, incredible boss fights, THE MOB FIGHTS MY GOOOOD THE MOB FIGHTS WERE COOL! This was was stylish in the best ways! With an absurd amount of characters to choose from. Some may argue the 4th entry is better but I'm gonna be real, 4 fell flat with some mechanics and not to mention how the story mode was done on a board which is fine for that game. Yet here, we're in the world, we're exploring, interacting, immersed as feck making you feel like you're in these struggles and bringing that amazing intense feeling from the anime's plot to great heights! The scenery is done so well and the voice acting like every other storm game (minus generations and revolutions because those were trash) is impeccable. And these were not voices ripped from the anime, they recorded specifically for these games! And the feel train Storm 3 puts you on is going down a hillside of emotions! I'm currently on my plat run for Storm 4 and will happily rebuy Storm 3 on my PS4 because I freaking loved it so much! What a fantastically crafted game that's both fun, enjoyable and does the anime and its fans justice!
  10. 2. Dragonball Z Budokai 3 You knew it was coming! This is the highest pinnacle of DBZ games and yes I said DBZ sorry Fighterz I like you but you don't hold a candle to this gorgeousness. A great list of characters to choose from, a killer soundtrack, combas that can be mixed in with special moves, fusions in the middle of a fight, amazing transformations, knocking the opponent hard af to ward off their transformed state, clothes got damaged, beam struggles, power struggles, whew! Game's got it all except for team battle, but let's be honest we didn't f**king care about 3v3 for DBZ before Fighterz existence. 1v1s is what it was all about and this game did it well making those fights balanced and epic! Without a doubt this is the finest mastercrafted DBZ fighting game of all time. What's that? Tenkaichi? Get that arena weak sh!t outta here! This was our baby, and nothing will ever be anything like it ever again. Yes that includes fighterz, its 1v1s suck and you know it, fight me!
  11. 3. Senran Kagura Peach Bleach Splash DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! This game's much more than ahem service. This is an actual fun as hell video game and very different and very much NOT for children. You fight with waterguns, water bazookas and water jetpacks. There's also customizable loadouts and abilities and decent arenas with lots of variety and decent destruction mostly clothes BUT its fast, its pretty, it has a smooth online from my experience at least. Definitely is not a game recommended to all and it has the same dialogue heavy problems in story that Valkyrie Drive possesses that I despise but when your game plays this well and is so much fun, I hardly give a crap. Give it a try or pass on it, its up to you. It does hardly any justice to the anime other than being eye candy of course but its so video gamey that I can't help but love it.
  12. 4. One Piece Burning Blood This current gen game based on one of my favorite animes OF ALL TIME! I've played some stinkers (unlimitted world red) and some okay entries (pirate warriors 2 and 3) but never have I played a more in debt with character fighting game (besides storm and budokai) that just gets it! Character models are on point, character interactions are splendid! Fan service (no not bewbs) is great when you pair teams like Sabo, Ace and Luffy and get a good feeling interaction between the three that you just can't from the anime for obvious reason. Every character has unique abilities as they should, tho there is simplicity in the game, the big differences through each character make it quite appealing. Oh and my favorite thing is having team vs battles up to teams of 9! Oh and a cool feature brought from the Warriors series is playing as Sanji against women makes him a useless goon, which I adore! Oh and story's okay ig..
  13. FINALLY THE BEST GAMES, HERE WE GO!! 5. Robotech Battlecry This sexy mother kanucker of a game, mmwah! Beautiful cell shade graphics, amazing authentic sounding music like its straight from the anime! The coolest transformation animations I've seen in a PS2 hell if not any game at all! You can transform your mech ON THE FLY! Action packed on every level, intense battles, decent difficulty increase throughout and tho the objectives are repetitive, the pacing of the game is not and that's great! Telling you to "kill this thing" but you're thwarted by gaggles of enemies who're not too easy and not too frustrating, and it all feels like you're right there in the show! This is how you do it bois! This is how you make a f**king anime video game! Bring! This! BACK!
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