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Found 3 results

  1. Star Citizen, the PC game in development is Free to try out starting May 22 until June 1, 2020. But what is Star Citizen? These videos from the company, Cloud Imperium Games and from fans sum it up well. Players only need to create a free account via their website here. When this is done, you can download the launcher using the same website or via the direct link here to start downloading the game. Access to the game and the event begins 3:00 PM Pacific Time. Take a look at their Event Trailer. Much to the interest of PC gamers and the gaming community that have wondered when the next “World of Warcraft” "MMO" would come to desktop shelves is a game that has been in development called Star Citizen. This project aims to culminate many aspects of various gaming franchises into one package, such as FPS, RPG, Space Flight Exploration, Open World and more. Though you can play every aspect of what the game has to offer during this event, details of Fleet Week are available here with a detailed breakdown of where to find the event in the game via the associated image. An easy to follow tutorial is accessible here to begin your adventures within the game. Trust me, you may want to look at this before you start. A step by step approach to many aspects of the game is available in the video's description. To be able to run Star Citizen, the following system requirements are also advised: Storage: 60GB (SSD is STRONGLY recommended. It is one of the first PC games to require the streaming potential of the SSD as advertised by Sony and Microsoft for their upcoming consoles) CPU: Quad Core RAM: 16GB GPU: VRAM of 2GB (4GB strongly recommended) O.S. Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64-bit)
  2. The fan-made port, which was first shared on social media sites this weekend, was made possible by a 2019 recompilation project which saw fans reverse engineer the game’s source code. Unlike PC emulators which imitate the conditions of the original N64 hardware, the DirectX 12-powered port allows players to run Mario 64 at far higher resolutions without compromise, such as native 4K or in ultra-widescreen mode. Players can also use modern peripherals to play the game such as Microsoft’s Xbox One controller. Mario 64 has been ported to PC by fans. It’s even possible to add modern visual effects to Super Mario 64 via third-party app Reshade, including primitive ray tracing. The native PC port should also have significant implications for Mario 64’s active mod community, which had previously required an emulator for its projects. It’s not yet clear if the Mario 64 release has any relation to a recent significant leak of legacy Nintendo console data, or if the timing is coincidental. According to various sources, over two terabytes of data was allegedly leaked onto the anonymous forum 4chan over the weekend, including the original source code for Nintendo 64, GameCube and Wii. The data could, in theory, be used to create illegal clone hardware able to run software and operate exactly like the original systems.
  3. Street Rage 4 has been announced!!! It will be arriving on PC April 30th here's a trailer!!! --->Street Rage 4 Trailer
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