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Boba Fett

Team Battle Royale (One Piece)

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This is a Team Battle Royale consisting with Mid/High tiers:

Luffy and DD

Zoro and Vista

Sanji and Jozu

Katakuri and Cracker

Jimbei and Law

Kid and Kuma (Sane Kuma)

BB (MF/No Gura) and Ace

Sabo and Hancock

Crocodile and Magellan

Jack and Ashura Doji

So probably some of them aren't High or Mid tier, im kinda new to this but i did my best..

Which team wins the Battle Royale?

Bonus round:Every team is disbanded and it's an all-out brawl, who comes out on top?

All characters are current and in character, expect Kuma and BB!

Location:   Dressrosa Colosseum

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